Entrepreneurship and real estate investments

strategic economic analysis, locating trends in the real - estate market, economic and legal analysis of project financing and investment structures enable the group to maximize the IRR yield on the real - estate investments of the company's investors.

Projects Management

The combination of a young and dynamic team, together with proven experience in project planning and management creates a special combination of capabilities, increasing the yield for investors, while at the same time, reducing project risks. This is definitely a formula for success.

Architectural planning and initiatation

Carvil has a distinct advantage, thanks to over 35 years of architectural projects and entrepreneurial experience in Israel, thereby enabling the shortening of the building permit process, while at the same time optimizing the building rights.



Carvil engages in investment, planning and development of real - estate projects in Israel.


Carvil has a competitive advantage due to its extensive experience in its initial planning and entrepreneurial capabilities.


Also, Carvil has proven management ability which consistently reduces risks involved in all real-estate project.


The company's most recent projects are located in:

Tel-Aviv, Kiryat Gat, Ra'anana, Herzliya and Jerusalem. 






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